God Keeps His Promises, Part Two

“For he remembered his holy promise, [and] Abraham his servant” – Psalm 105:42

God had promised Abraham that he would have a son and the numbers of stars would be how large his generation would be. Abraham could claim this promise. This promise of a son met Abraham’s need. He would have an heir. It was in submission to God’s will that he had a son from whom God’s people would be created. It would honour God because from Abraham would come the generation that Jesus would be born of. Jesus is a descendant of David who was a descendant of Abraham’s. (Matthew 1:17)

This promise did not contradict God’s word. He promised Abraham that He would make him a great nation and that He would bless him and make his name great. Abraham’s spiritual growth as well as Sarah’s increased as a result of God keeping His promise. God’s blessing here was intentional. He wanted to create a nation that He would establish a covenant with and be their God. From this nation will come kings like David, Israel’s greatest king. God promised that members of David’s family would rule a kingdom that lasts forever. (2 Samuel 7:1-16, Psalm 132:11-12) Jesus was born from the family of David. He is the “Son of David” who will rule God’s kingdom forever. (Luke 1:31-33, Acts 2:22-36 and Romans 1:1-4)

We are all descendants of Abraham who believe in Jesus (Galatians 3:29). God fulfilled His promise to Abraham. Through Moses, He brought the Israelites out of Egypt and to the land, which He swore to give to Abraham, Isaac and Jacob as their heritage. He remembered His covenant with the three patriarchs. (Exodus 6:8). As Solomon pointed out, God kept all His promises. He never went back on His word or failed to fulfil any of them. (1 Kings 8:56)

When God makes a promise, it is our responsibility to trust that He will fulfil it when the timing is right. We have to have faith in His ability to fulfil His promises and keep our focus on Him. We should never turn away from Him because we are tired of waiting for Him to bless us. Abraham and Sarah were well advanced in age when they had Isaac. David’s faith in God never wavered—not even when he was suffering or when he lost his sons. God promised him that he would give him an offspring who would build a temple for Him and whose throne would be established forever. Shortly after their son died, Bathsheba gave birth to Solomon whom God loved. (2 Samuel 12:24)


One thought on “God Keeps His Promises, Part Two

  1. I Praise god almighty all my life for all his wonderful promises in our lives and fulfilling all of them. Thank U lord Jesus….son of the living GOD.

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