Matthew 9

As I read chapter 9 of the Gospel of Matthew, I noticed the following two things:

  • Some of the people came to Jesus
  • Others were brought to Him

Let’s first look at those who came to Jesus.

Jairus – a father went to ask Jesus to go to his house where his daughter lay dying because he believed that Jesus could raise the dead.

The woman with the issue of blood – for twelve years she had this condition and the doctors took her money but could not help her.  She braved the crowd to find Jesus because she believed that if she could only touch the hem of His robe, she could be healed.

The two blind men – they followed Jesus and cried out to Him.  They were very persistent.  He followed Him into the house and begged Him to have mercy on them.  They believed that He could restore their sight.

Now let’s look at those who were brought to Jesus.

The paralytic – his four friends brought him to Jesus because they believed that Jesus could cure him.  In Mark’s Gospel, we learn how far these men were willing to go to get their friend to Jesus.  And when they could not come near Him because of the crowd, they uncovered the roof where He was. So when they had broken through, they let down the bed on which the paralytic was lying.  Their faith impressed Jesus (Mark 2:4, 5).

The mute and possessed man – some people brought this man to Jesus because they believed that Jesus could cast out the demon.  When the demon was cast out, the man spoke.

Which were you?  Did you come to Christ or did someone bring you to Him?  Is there someone you are hoping will come to Him or is there someone whom you are hoping to bring to Him?

There is another important thing I noticed in this chapter.  Jesus called Matthew.  There are those whom Jesus calls.  There are those to whom He invites to follow Him.   Has Jesus asked you to follow Him?  What was your answer?  Did you follow Him without any hesitation or are you waiting for a more convenient time to do so?

It is important to point out that all those who came to Jesus exercised great faith.  Those who brought others to Him did so in faith.  Faith pushes some people to seek Jesus and faith motivates people to bring others to Him.  And faith compels others to get up and follow Him without a second thought.

Faith takes action.  Faith pushes through a crowd.  Faith doesn’t give up.  Today, come to Jesus in faith, believing that He could help you or the person you bring to Him.


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