I came across some notes I had taken about worry.  They were based on Matthew 6:25-34.  Jesus was telling the people not to worry.  Worry is the result of a faith failure. 

Here are reasons why we worry:

  • We don’t know the Word of God
  • We listen to the wrong people, bad news and gossip

Worry does not fit a child of God.

What are the consequences of worry?

  • It divides your mind
  • It fragments your emotions
  • It drains your energy
  • It clouds your thinking
  • You cannot make a decision
  • You have a pity party
  • You withdraw from other people
  • You become irritable and angry
  • You question God’s love for you
  • You stop praying
  • It is the prescription drug trap
  • It affects your emotions
  • Your center of interest becomes things
  • You lose your testimony

When tempted to worry:

  • Remember your Father who knows and sees your need and that He is with you.
  • View the problems in the context of your faith.  See it the way God sees it.  Focus on God instead of the problem.
  • Live daily in obedience to God and grow in Christlikeness.  You need not worry about anything because God will take care of you.  He has lordship in your heart and your life.

As Jesus pointed out, worrying doesn’t help matters.  It doesn’t accomplish anything.  It’s needless.  The antedote for worry is trust–trust in the God who knows your need, your situation, your troubles, fears, concerns, etc. and will come through for you.  Cast all of your cares at the throne of mercy and leave them there.  Stop worrying and start worshipping.  Let your mind be filled with praises and thanksgiving instead of worry and a doubts.  Look up in faith instead of looking around you and worrying about situations you cannot change or control.


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