I came across some notes I had taken about worry.  They were based on Matthew 6:25-34.  Jesus was telling the people not to worry.  Worry is the result of a faith failure.  Here are reasons why we worry: We don’t know the Word of God We listen to the wrong people, bad news and gossip Worry does not … More Worry

God’s Promises

This past Sabbath, my husband and I were studying Exodus 3 and he mentioned something very interesting.  When Moses expressed doubt about appearing before Pharaoh and asking him to let the people go God said to him, “I will certainly be with you. And this shall be a sign to you that I have sent … More God’s Promises

Cain’s Offering

Last Sabbath when my husband and I were having our worship, we discovered why Cain’s offering was not accepted by God.  It was supposed to a sin offering.  It is a sacrifice for sin; something offered as an expiation for sin.  What did God require for a sin offering?  Blood.  Without the shedding of blood … More Cain’s Offering