Signs And Wonders

Jesus told the man who went to seek His help, that he would not believe unless he saw signs and wonders.  This reminds me of a personal situation where I asked for signs for something which God had already confirmed for me.  We have to move away from the notion of seeing is believing and just have faith.  We need to remember that the devil can perform signs and wonders too.  God should not have to prove Himself to us.  We should accept Him at His word, which is what the nobleman did.  Jesus said to him after the man begged Him again to go and tend to his child before the boy died, “Go thy way, your son liveth.”  The scripture says, the man believed the word Jesus had spoken to him and went his way.

The man’s persistence showed that he really believed that Jesus could help his son.  The nobleman’s servants met him and told him that his son was going to live.  When he realised that the very hour the boy recovered was the same time Jesus said to him, “Your son lives”, the man became a believer and his household.  This was the second miracle by Jesus when He was in Galilee.

We see here that Jesus wants us to believe without signs and miracles.  Jesus did not go to the nobleman’s home to heal his son.  He could have gone with him and have the man witness Him bring his son back from the brink of death but He did not.  Instead He spoke of healing and the man believed.  We have to trust and have faith in the spoken word.  We place too much importance on actions sometimes.  We have seen that many of the Samaritans believed in and accepted Jesus because of His word.  He did not have to perform any signs or miracles for them to accept Him unlike the Jewish leaders.

God does not always do things in a big way as in the case of Elijah.  God did not reveal Himself in the strong wind or the earthquake or the fire.  He was the still small voice.  God does not always respond in the way we expect Him to.  His answer could be a simple word or two or thought or conviction.  We expect to be dazzled but God is not just about signs and wonders.  His word in itself is a miracle.  It heals people and gives them eternal life once they accept it.  The nobleman believed without seeing for himself that his son was going to be all right because Jesus gave him His word.

God’s word is all we need for our lives to be changed.  Signs and wonders will not save us but acceptance of God’s word will.  It was Jesus’ word not miracles or signs that saved the nobleman’s son.  Faith is not about seeing signs and wonders.  Jesus taught the nobleman this when he healed his son while the man was there with Him.  The man did not see his son healed but he received word first from Jesus and then from his servants that the healing had taken place.  Jesus spoke and the boy was healed.  There is life in the word.

Jesus wants us to believe without signs and wonders.  He does not want to win us over with miracles but with words.  He came to teach us about God and life and to heal us.  He does not want us to accept Him because He turned water into wine or walked on water but because He is the Son of God who came to save the world.  Instead of listening to what He had to say people wanted to see Him do things.  They wanted a performance.  They were not interested in what He had to say. 

Remember it was through the Word that the world was made.   “By the word of the Lord were the heavens made, their starry host by the breath of His mouth” (Psalm 33:6).  There is power in the word.  Don’t rely only on signs or miracles.  Trust in the Word.  It heals, saves and delivers.  When the people were in distress and cried out to God, He sent His word and healed them, and delivered them from their destructions” (Psalm 107:20).


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