Another Year

Tonight is the last night of 2010.  Some places in the world are already in the new year.  I wonder what it was like in biblical times when a year drew to a close.  What did the people do?  Did they celebrate the new year?

My family and I are thankful to God for bringing us safely through another year.  Lots of changes have taken place this year.  The biggest is that we have a new place.  Our toddler turned two in the spring.  My mother celebrated her eightieth birthday today.  80 years old!  Wow.  I am thankful to God that He blessed her with her one and only grandson.  A few minutes ago we called her and he sang “Happy birthday” to her which I knew thrilled her.  On Sunday we will be having a special supper to celebrate her birthday.  It’s a surprise.

We have seen tragedies here in Canada and around the world.  We have seen people work together to help the people in Haiti who are still struggling to get back on their feet.  I have seen the dedication and generosity of people who created mountains of toys for sick children so that they too could have a happy Christmas.  A co-worker of mine welcomed her first child last month.

Another year has come and is about to go in order to make way for the new one.  It is my hope and prayer and that of others that 2011 will bring better things.  Let your New Year’s resolutions be to spend more time in fellowship with God and mediation of His Word and with your loved ones.  Don’t let life past you by.  Enjoy one day at a time.  Take time to appreciate God’s handiwork.  Count your blessings one by one.  And as always, give God thanks.


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