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There are two stories I read where I noticed that when Jesus healed the sick, they did one of two things–they served Him and they followed Him.  Once Jesus changed their lives, they could be held down.   They couldn’t stay still.  They had to do something.  They had to show their gratitude and indebtedness to Him for restoring them to health.

The first person who comes to mind is Peter’s mother in law.  She was suffering from a very high fever.  Just recently our toddler had a fever.  His hands were hot and he looked so listless.  He was not at all himself.  Peter’s mother-in-law’s fever left her bedridden.  Matthew wrote that she was lying sick with the fever.

I don’t know what kind of fever this was but it was very serious.  It needed the Master’s touch.  All He did was touch her hand and the fever went away.  She felt better–in fact, so much so, that she got up from the bed and served Jesus and His disciples.  She didn’t remain in bed.  Once she felt better, she was up and about taking care of the guests.  It must have given her pleasure to serve the One who made it possible for her to be active again.    When Jesus restores us the least we can do is to serve Him.  He is worthy of so much more.

When the blind beggar received his sight from Jesus he left the gate where he  used to beg for a living and followed Jesus, glorifying God.  When Jesus changes our situations and helps us to get on our feet, our automatic response should be to follow Him and glorify God.  We give up the old life, past sins and old ways for Jesus who has given us a second chance. 

When Jesus comes into your life and changes it for the better, make the choice to serve and follow Him.  It will be a choice you will never regret.


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