One Boy

Last evening we attended our toddler’s Christmas program and were truly blessed.  We watched him as he sat with the other kids on the stage as they sang My God is So Big, Jingle Bells and two other songs.  He looked sharp in his little outfit.  His Daddy laughed as he took pictures of him.  I could see how proud he was.

As I listened to the children’s sweet, little voices, I thought of how they must sound to God.  I imagined Him smiling, His heart filled with love as He listened to them sing songs of thanksgiving and about His Son.

The song which touched me and brought tears to my eyes was One Boy.  The words are so beautiful.  They go like this:

One Boy, such a lot to do.
Right now, does he have a clue?
Lies there, cosy in the straw.
Sleeps tight, shepherds at the door.

And he’s our King!
And he’s our Lord!
Come here for me.
Come here for you.

Glory to God!
Peace to the Earth!
a Saviour is born!
Good News for us all.

One Boy, just a little babe.
His name, “Jesus” means “he saves”
One day, he will have to give
His life, so that we can live.

These simple words tell of the birth of Jesus and the great sacrifice He would one day make for all of us.  He was a babe born in a manger, not exactly the place you would expect to find the King of kings or the Lord of lords.  In humility He came into the world, in humility He lived His life and in humility He went to His death (Isaiah 53:7).

As I reflect on the birth of Christ and what it truly means, these lyrics come to mind:

Flocks were sleeping, shepherds keeping
Vigil till the morning new
Saw the glory, heard the story,
Tidings of a gospel true.
Thus rejoicing, free from sorrow,
Praises voicing greet the morrow:
Christ the babe was born for you.

Every day we should rejoice and lift our voices in praises and thanksgiving because over two thousand years ago Jesus Christ was born.  Glory to God!  Peace to all the earth!


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