Family Connection

At the Networking course I took this week I was touched by one of the women who attended.  When asked what her passion was she said her four year old daughter.  She loved spending time with her. 

This put me to shame because I said that my passion was blogging, writing and maintaining my websites even though these are have to do with my faith.  My love for God makes me passionate about these things but what about my family?  What about my passion for them?  My passion should be to spend as much time as I can with them.  I should spend quality time with my toddler and enjoying him as he grows and becoming more expressive and displaying his personality.

One thing the women mentioned was that my son may be watching me write and I thought of how much he likes reading and spelling.  His Daddy said that when he went to pick him up from daycare one day, the teacher was reading to the class and our toddler was right beside her, listening attentively.  Perhaps he may become a professor of English or Literature.  We are hoping that he will become a supreme court judge.  The point is, I should be enjoying and cherishing every precious moment I can with the child God has blessed me with.

I want to spend more time with my family, creating new memories.  Jesus was passionate about what He did–reaching out to the community, teaching and healing but He was always reaching out to the community, teaching and healing but He always made time for His Father.  That connection was one He could not do without and it kept Him going strong.  My connection to my family will keep me and bring me joy.  

Stay connected to your loved ones.  Be passionate about your family and friends–the people who matter to you.  As much as I love writing, I need to put my family first.  I need to get my priorities straight–God first, family second, friends third and writing last.


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