The Right Fit

I like to watch the show “The Apprentice”.  What really interests me are the different projects the candidates are asked to perform and the results.  I like to see how creative their ideas are and how they are judged–what the clients liked and didn’t like.

Last week Stuart got fired.  I was not surprised even though one of the people on the panel said that he looked more corporate and was a better fit for the Trump Industries.  He may have looked the part but he was not the right fit.  Clint may not have looked like the corporate type with his style but he was the better candidate.

Donald Trump looked beyond the appearance and chose the right person.  This reminded me of Samuel when he had to choose one of Jesse’s sons to be king.  The older sons looked like really good candidates but God said no.  They were not the right fit.  David, although he was the unlikely choice because he was a boy, God chose him to be king.

When David came up with the idea to build a temple for God, Nathan the prophet jumped on it, encouraging David to go ahead with his plans.  However, God soon made it clear to Nathan that David was not the man for the job.  His son, Solomon was.

Sometimes we might look at people and assume that they are the right ones for certain jobs or projects or even relationships but we soon learn that this is not the case.  They may look great but they are not the right fit.  So, when it comes to a job or an assignment or a church ministry, don’t assume that some one else is a better candidate than you.  Your boss may choose you because he sees something in you that he doesn’t see in the other person.


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