Today is my birthday.  Another year closer to the big 50.  It was a beautiful day.  Felt like fall.  Not a cloud was in the clear blue sky.  I began the day by opening my cards and reading the wonderful words and sentiments.  It’s always a blessing to be reminded of how much you are cherished.  I placed the cards on the dining table.

There was one card I was excited about receiving.  When I didn’t get it, I wondered why.  I went to work hoping that the day would be a lot better than yesterday which was really stressful.  I knew that my co-workers would celebrate my birthday in the afternoon.   We make a point of celebrating each others’ birthdays.

The day went well.  A few things came up but I was able to deal with them.  Just before twelve, I got a very pleasant surprise.  A lovely bouquet of flowers arrived for me.  Everyone raved over them.  I opened the little envelope and took out the card I had looked forward to receiving.  I read these words:  Hi Honey, Happy birthday!  This bouquet is a reflection of the beauty you have brought into my life.  I love you. K. This was the most wonderful card I have ever gotten in my life.  It is special to me because it came from the most special person in my life.

As I reflect on my birthday blessings I think of birthday that was a blessing not only to His parents but to all of us.  Jesus.  Jesus is a reflection of God’s deep and unwavering love for a fallen and perishing world.  Jesus is the reflection of the beauty God has brought into the lives of all who accept Him as their Lord and Savior.

Praise God for His many blessings but most of all praise Him for life.  Celebrate your birthday with a joyful heart.  Birthdays are gifts from God and each year you celebrate one, be thankful.  It  is God extending His grace.  As you count the years count your blessings too.


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