God’s Helper

Our son’s favorite story is Samuel Listens to God.  It is one of the stories in the Bible Study Guide for Beginners.  The other day he was reading it after a long time had passed since I read it to him.  He remembered it very well, especially the part where God was calling Samuel.

The paragraph reads like this:  “Sam-u-el!” (Call in a dramatic voice, then whisper.)  Sh!  Who is calling? (Pause)  “Samuel!” (Loudly again) It must be Eli.  Little Samuel runs to Eli.  “Here I am!” he says.  “You called me.”  “No,” Priest Eli replies.  (Shake head.)  “I did not call.  Run back to bed.” (Repeat this page twice, making Eli sound more emphatic each time.)

When our toddler reads it, he says “Move on back to bed” I guess he is mixing this story with the driver on the bus who says “Move on back”.  This morning I read the story to him and he was laughing in delight as I pretended to be God calling Samuel.

It is a wonderful story for toddlers.  It teaches about Samuel, the little boy who lived at God’s tent and was helping the priest Eli.  It showed how God calls and how we should answer.  The third time Samuel went to Eli thinking that he had called him, Eli said to him, “God is calling you.  Next time say, ‘Speak Lord.  Your helper is listening.'”  When God called Samuel again, Samuel did what Eli told him to do and God whispered secrets to him.

Daddy asked our son if he wanted to be like Samuel, God’s little helper and he said yes.  Daddy told him to pray to God and ask Him to be like Samuel.  Let us all find a way to be God’s helpers too.

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