The Lexus Temptation

Yesterday, we got confirmation that our car loan was “paid in full”.  Hallelujah!   No more car payments!

My soul-mate always wanted to buy a Lexus SUV but the plan was that this would be a future purchase.  However, he decided to check out the Lexus website just to browse.  Of course, he saw a SUV he liked and called the office.

We set up an appointment to test drive a SUV.

The Lexus SUV is the ultimate vehicle!  It lives up to its reputation as a car of excellence.  It was a lot fun to drive. The interior was luxurious and everything about the vehicle was tempting!  Compared to his BMW, my soulmate believes that the Lexus is a better car.  Our son even gave his stamp of approval by declaring, “I like it!”

After the test drive, the salesman wanted us to complete the purchase right away.  He was very persuasive and determined.  However, my soulmate decided to discuss it with me and make a decision the following day.

On our way home, we carefully analyzed the situation.  By the time we got home, we had decided not to purchase the SUV at this time.

My soulmate, after careful reflection, said something very insightful. He said there is a lesson to be learned from this situation. The salesman’s persuasiveness was almost a “type of temptation”.  He used the attributes of the SUV to appeal to our desires. We agreed the SUV was a great vehicle to own and drive. It was plush, high-status, and affluent but it was not a good purchase for our family at this time. Purchasing this SUV would put us back in debt.

The lesson for us was:  the Devil will tempt you to do things but he cannot force you . He can persuade you that something is good for you but it may be a lie. He uses things that are pleasing to our eyes or appeal to our desires to tempt us.

Conversely, Jesus can never tempt you.  He is the Good Shepherd who came so that His sheep”might have life, and that they might have [it] more abundantly” (John 10:10).  He would never lead you astray.  He will only lead you into things that are good for you.  We can attest to that because He shepherded us out of debt!

If you are tempted, run to Jesus and He will give you strength to resist your temptations.


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