Spelling God

On October 13, Thanksgiving day in Canada, our toddler spelt “God” using his alphabet blocks and was so excited about it.  He ran into the kitchen to tell his Daddy and me.  Of course, I had to take pictures.  When I was in the kitchen by myself washing the dishes, I spoke to God, saying that He must be pleased that a little child was so excited about spelling His name.

Tears came to my eyes as I spoke to God and I was moved to pray for our toddler.  It is my hope and prayer that he would have a loving and lasting relationship with God and that his life would be one of obedience and pleasing to God.  I thanked God for blessing him and watching over him.

One Sabbath our toddler thanked God.  He said, “Thank You, God for giving Daddy. Thank You, God for giving Mommy…”  He was giving thanks for all that God had blessed him with.  Do you thank God for your family, friends, etc?  Take time now and give Him thanks.

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