Quality Time

Last night my toddler came and got me.  I was sitting on the sofa and he took my hand and pulled at it.  He wanted me spend time with him in his room.  He had his little laptop and as I sat on the bed beside him, he pressed the various keys to hear the sounds of the different letters.  As I sat there I could see that he was happy that we were spending this time together.  He laid his head against my arm and happily continued to press the keys.

I found that I was enjoying myself too.  Usually, I would be sitting in front of the TV watching Murder She Wrote, although last night I forgot that it was on.  And he would be in his room playing with his blocks.

Our children like it when we set aside time for them.  It is not only beneficial for them but it benefits us too.  God likes it when His children want to spend time with Him.  He is never too busy to spend quality time with us.  We are truly blessed when we spend time with our Father.

Jesus and His Father were always spending time together.   Jesus always found time to go to His Father in prayer.   He said of His relationship with His Father, “I and [my] Father are one” (John 10:30).  His Father loved Him before the foundation of the world (John 17:24).  They were always together.  The only time they were separated was when Jesus was on the cross (Matthew 27:46). 

Instead of letting the worries and busyness of this world preoccupy her, Mary of Bethany opted to spend quality time with Jesus who was visiting and listened to His teachings and she was blessed.  So, instead of watching TV, blogging or busying ourselves with other things that are not important, we ought to set aside time for our children.  We will be greatly blessed when we do that.

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