“Good Job!”

Just the other day our toddler said to me, “Good job, Mommy” because he gave me a ball and I threw it.  I guess he liked my throw.

When he cleans up his room after playing or spells a word correctly or does well in something we encourage him by telling him, “Good job” sometimes accompanied by a high five.  This pleases him and he beams and squeals in delight.

It is very important that we tell our children that they are doing a good job when they do and to encourage them when they don’t.  We also ought to encourage them when they at least make an attempt.  Sometimes our toddler gives up doing something without really trying.

One day our Lord will tell us that we have done a good job.  He will say, “‘Well done, good and faithful servant; you were faithful over a few things, I will make you ruler over many things. Enter into the joy of your lord'” (Matthew 25:21).  And we too will be beaming because God who has encouraged us along the way has now commended us for our efforts.

I would say , most of us are like toddlers and need encouragement and to obey the commands, etc..

Jesus encourages us and is proud when we speak the truth and do what is RIGHT.  In Matthew 6:1-4  He encourages us to do good to please God.  When we do charitable deeds, we are not supposed to be seen by people.  We don’t help others in order to impress people or make ourselves look good.  We help others because we care and we want to please God.  If anything, we do it to make God look good.  We do it because we want people to know that He cares about them–that He is aware of their situations and wants to change things for the better.  We sign up to provide our services and our reward is not in blowing our own trumpets so that people will praise us but our joy and reward come from knowing that we are quietly making a difference.   

Jesus taught that God is pleased when we use the talents He has blessed us with.  In the parable about the talents which were given to each servant according to his abilities, when these talents are used faithfully, God will give us more responsibilities because we have proved that we are able to handle what He has entrusted us with.  When we are good and faithful stewards with the talents or gifts God has blessed us with, He will trust us  with more responsibilities and we make Him proud. 

As parents we also beam with delight when our son does well as does God when we obey Him.

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