Don’t Be Afraid

Our dryer emits a loud buzz when it is finished drying our clothes and this scares our toddler.  Every time he hears it he runs to his Daddy or me, terrified.  We hold him for a moment and then gently explain to him, “The dryer is just saying ‘I’m done.  I’m done drying your clothes’”  … More Don’t Be Afraid

God’s Helper

Our son’s favorite story is Samuel Listens to God.  It is one of the stories in the Bible Study Guide for Beginners.  The other day he was reading it after a long time had passed since I read it to him.  He remembered it very well, especially the part where God was calling Samuel. The … More God’s Helper

The Lexus Temptation

Yesterday, we got confirmation that our car loan was “paid in full”.  Hallelujah!   No more car payments! My soul-mate always wanted to buy a Lexus SUV but the plan was that this would be a future purchase.  However, he decided to check out the Lexus website just to browse.  Of course, he saw a SUV … More The Lexus Temptation


Our toddler has a habit of throwing open our bedroom door and entering without knocking.  We have been trying to teach him that when the door is closed, to knock first.  So far, not so good.  Oh, well. I thought of when Jesus said, ““So I say to you, ask, and it will be given … More Knocking

Anger and Sin

The other day I read Psalm 4 where David gave these words of advice, “Be angry, and do not sin” (verse 4).  This made me think of two people who had every right to be angry.  One sinned but the other did not even though he thought about it. Moses got angry with the Israelites … More Anger and Sin

Who Made Jesus?

Last Saturday (Sabbath) morning when we were singing the “Who made…Our Father God” song , our toddler asked “Who Made Jesus?” I told him that no one made Jesus. I thought to myself “what a good question.”  There are some denominations who do not believe that Jesus is God the Son.  They believe that He was created by the Father.  Some even … More Who Made Jesus?


I learnt the other day that “Hallelujah” means “Praise the Lord”.  Our toddler has been saying this word lately. Psalm 145 is a Hallelujah psalm.  It praises God for His works, greatness, love, mercy, provision and graciousness. Many people who encountered Jesus during His three and a half year ministry had a “Hallelujah” moment.  The … More Hallelujah